Creating a productive & healthy work environment!

Systematic applied sport psychological strategies can not only enhance sport performance but also improve your work and every day life. Coaching sessions and consultations will be guided by both personal experience as a professional rock climber as well as psychological know-how.

Our aim is to create a motivated, focussed and efficient team who follow the same goals. How can you switch off in the right moments and use your energy most efficiently? How can you improve your self-leading strategies in order to lead yourself and others better? How can implement strategies into your work life? How does a good communication culture in business look like and how can you create a feedback culture?

We offer classical seminars, workshops, and presentations. All offers can also be carried out with an active elements as on the climbing wall.

"Dear stress, let's break up."

We are often confronted with stressful situations – not only in sports, but also in our work and every day life. Different psycho regulative strategies and specific relaxation techniques as well as a focus on individual resources can help to better deal with pressuring and stressful situations.

Dealing with stress & pressure

"Strong teams put their individual needs aside for their collective good."

A team can only be successful if it has the same goal in mind. Every player, every team member and every employee has his own tasks and carries the same amount of responsibility.


  • Building a team
  • Elaborating goals and visions
  • Clarifying everyone's role in the team
  • Reinforcing support among the team members
  • Improving the communication among the team members 
  • Creating a trustful environment with positive appreciation

Team development

Communication & feedback

"You cannot not communicate." P. Watzlawik

Good communication and an active feedback culture don't only foster the work process but also the performance, motivation and team cohesion. They are not only important in sports, such as the trainer-athlete-relationship, but also in business – no matter whether it's the leader-employee-relationship or the communication among employees.

Visions & goal setting

"Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible." T. Robbins

If we don't know where we want to head to, we should not be surprised if we land somewhere different than expected. Setting goals in sport is natural for most athletes. Only if we have a goal and vision in our mind we know why we train and how to get there. The same is valid for businesses. Answering the questions WHY, WHAT and HOW are necessary for long-term success and motivation.


"To be able to lead others, one has to be able to lead oneself first." Manz & Sims

The aim of the self-leadership-training (according to Manz & Sims) is to elaborate, learn and strengthen skills in order to lead yourself better in your work life. These skills are necessary to train systematically in sports, or in business, to fulfil your tasks as efficient as possible and at the same time focussing on your resources in order to get closer to reaching your goals.